Steve Bannon and your Portfolio

I have been trying to keep away from US politics and the frenzy Trump seems to have caused all around me. Armies of snowflakes march against the Wall of Fate that will stand for 5 years. It gives me heartache to think about it, even as I try to filter their screeching to not get “triggered” myself. These are well meaning people, far ahead of their time, feeling let down by institutions that were built to uphold the tribal nation state. There is ofcourse much lulz to be had in raging against the Plastic First Family. But I am an alien here, and this is not my business.

My market-brain does not register the doomsday prophets on the left, or the zerohedge bears screeching from their internet soapbox about the end of the world. My market-brain is used to screening out voices on the fringe.

As for Trump, ever since I first saw him on the Apprentice, he struck me as the typical extrovert hustler who was raised a bully but mistook himself for a leader. A BSD version of Richard Branson. A fascist? No. Business owners are pragmatic. They don’t do stupid things, as a rule. But ideologues are a different creature. Ideologues like #PresidentBannon can cause much global misery over a little unresolved childhood trauma.

It is more than optimism that makes me believe that tragedies like the Great Depression or World Wars will never happen again. A grasp of the cold calculus of the world. The stock markets are central to modern life – they are Central Bank subsidies-by-dividend programs, retirement plans, the Roman circus of the electorate’s dreams and a playground of liquidity for the rich. This worldview is based on the belief that the Stock Markets cannot be allowed to crash.

The CEOs have too much equity and the powers have too much skin-in-the-game. I like to believe that world peace – with limited wars between crazies and opportunists – is here to stay. But all of these beliefs are predicated on the belief that some lunatic from will not be let near the nuclear button, i.e our portfolios will never go down to Zero and blood will never be allowed to ooze out of our backsides over some rich man’s war – because it is the rich man’s peace.

So like they say – when goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will. The ghosts of Brexit and Trump are lurking, waiting to crowd the happiness out of our lives. If Bannon really is the necromancer to summon them, the Rasputin of the Trump administration as they say – then it is cause for major worry.


I read an article on Bannon in the Atlantic that began pinging my fascist radar. At the end of it I was tense. Who is this Moutbreathing Manchild Bannon? And what will he do to your portfolio?


List of Fascist Pings

Red Flags Hitler Bannon
Served in the Military Yes Yes
Fantasized about War Yes Yes
Failed Artistic Career Yes Yes
Fondly read the Bhagvad Gita No (but his deputy Himmler did) Yes
Thought Nationalism as a cure to all ills Yes Yes
Treated his female partner poorly Yes Yes
Said mean things about Jews Yes Yes

So you see – this Bannon guy does not seem like a happy, adjusted adult. He should be in the stock market where he would meet more people like himself, but instead he is in a senior position in the White House administration with a history of lapsing into fantasies about Nationalistic Space Wars like Heinlein’s Starship Troopers (Heinlein was a government and nationalism averse Libertarian by the way).

Be scared. Very scared. And keep watching for news of China being declared a Currency Manipulator.

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