Rainbow of Links: Stuff I am Reading (Week of 2/27)

Nassim Taleb on Probability (Bloomberg)

The Debate Over Position Sizing (ValueWalk)

Chart: Gold is at the top of its cycle (CapitalMind)

Greatest Stock Picker of All Time: Buffet or Lynch (Alpha Architect)

Inverse Heads and Shoulders Pattern on NIFTY shows it is heading to 10,000 (ET)

The Risks and Rewards of Asian Real Estate (Seeking Alpha)

Men Who Play Video Games Instead of Working (Lion of the Blogosphere)

Buying Shares: Some Basics for the Beginners (Bala)

Why is the market waiting for the D-Mart IPO? (LiveMint)

Stocks as lottery (Yale School of Management)

Sea Turtles have Great Tastes in Beaches! (NatGeo)

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