Linkfarm: Stuff I am Reading (Week of 4/30)

The Truth About Investing (Howard Marks – A must read for beginners)

A Refresher on Return on Assets and Return on Equity (HBR)

Dangers of Blindly Trusting the PE Ratio (Medium)

North Korea’s most important Submarine base (The Diplomat)

Vallum Capital Annual Letter (Vallum)

Bad Stock Market Timing Fuelled Wealth Disparity (WSJ)

On Power Laws and Time (Wilowallstreet)

Smart Money Startup Funding Trends (Cbinsights)

Artificial Intelligence Funding Trends (Cbinsights)

Assessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Seekingalpha)

2017: Completing a decade long bear market in the sensex (Anupam Gupta)

Good business versus bad businesses: It’s more than ROE (Contrarianvalueedge)

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