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‘You act like mortals in all that you fear, and like immortals in all that you desire.’ -Seneca

About Me:

By day, I work in finance and capital advisory for banking and financial institutions. I set out on my DIY investing journey in 2014, when I finally had some money to invest. I have an engineering degree and an MBA from IMI New Delhi.

I am not a SEBI Registered Analyst or Investment Advisor. See full disclaimer below.

About the Website:

‘Time is your friend, Impulse is your Enemy’ – John Bogle

I recommend mutual funds and this blog is meant to record my Do-It-Yourself Investing journey.

The title Timed Impulse is inspired by John Bogle’s quote which I feel captures the paradoxical emotional logic in the act of buying and selling securities.

I write to organize my thoughts and also to give back to the Indian Investor Community that I have absorbed a lot from.

Registration Status with SEBI:

I am not registered with SEBI under SEBI (Research Analysts) Regulations, 2014. As per the clarifications provided by SEBI: “Any person who makes recommendation or offers an opinion concerning securities or public offers only through public media is not required to obtain registration as research analyst under RA Regulations”


The views and opinions expressed or implied in this blog are my own and do not reflect those of my employer, who shall not be liable for any action that may result as a consequence of my views and opinions.

All articles are based on publicly available information. I may or may not have access to price sensitive information (PSI) of businesses discussed in articles which is not available in public domain. I confirm that in no way PSI information has been shared, implied or exploited in any of the articles.

See full Disclaimer Below:

DISCLAIMER: No BUY/SELL/HOLD advice is offered on this blog. I am a hobbyist not a professional. Views expressed are my own and not of my employer. Stock Markets are very risky and can cause a permanent loss of capital. You should seek professional advice.

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