D-Mart IPO: Business Quality Premium or Smart Timing?

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With all the hype around it, the D-Mart IPO sounds like a noisy baarat plodding through Dalal Street. The promoter of D-Mart is R. K Damani, who is a stock market heavyweight. The legend goes on to say that back in 1992, R.K Damani was shorting the stocks that Harshad Mehta was buying.

R.K Damani has since done the unthinkable: quit the stocks markets and entered the gritty world of retail business. Today Damani’s Avenue Supermarts, the parent of D-Mart, runs brick and mortal retail stores selling mostly Food and Beverage categories that generates 23% ROE.

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Steve Bannon and your Portfolio

I have been trying to keep away from US politics and the frenzy Trump seems to have caused all around me. Armies of snowflakes march against the Wall of Fate that will stand for 5 years. It gives me heartache to think about it, even as I try to filter their screeching to not get “triggered” myself. These are well meaning people, far ahead of their time, feeling let down by institutions that were built to uphold the tribal nation state. There is ofcourse much lulz to be had in raging against the Plastic First Family. But I am an alien here, and this is not my business. Continue reading “Steve Bannon and your Portfolio”