Rainbow of Links: Stuff I am Reading (Week of 3/17)

Six Signs of a Shareholder Friendly Stock (ValueWalk)

Vietnam may soon be the top Coffee Exporter (AgriMoney)

Key Trends in the world Soyabean Market (Soya is the new Chicken?)

“Stationarity” and Investing: What Can We Learn from History? (Brad Cornell’s blog)

I-T department acts against Penny Stock Operators (Finally! – MoneyLife)

How to Value Growth Stocks (MoneyLife)

How to be a Value Investor in Software (Latticework.com)

Missing the big moves and the difference it makes to the end result (CapitalMind – interesting use of the 200-day EMA)

Use of the Schiller PE CAPE ratio (Lyn is a fin blogger and she has some neat neat put strategies)

The Economics of Cocaine (Market Mogul)

Why Investors don’t fund Dating  (Andrew Chen)

Searching for Compounding Machines within Financials in India (Latticework.com)

An Interesting Note on Aghoris and the Controversy around CNN’s documentary  (Scroll.in)

Rainbow of Links: Stuff I am Reading (Week of 3/11)

$74 Trillion Global Economy (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

48 Most Important Things on Investing – Howard Marks (Safal Niveshak)

D-Mart is a Wonderful Company but..  (Capital Mind)

The Logic for a larger Large Cap allocation (Morningstar)

How D-Mart’s Damani made 1800% gains from a Cigarette stock (Moneycontrol)

View: Snapchat IPO may be worth the valuation (Grey Enlightenment – Contrarian View)

Dominance and Gender (Pumpkin Person – Nice note on the evolution of Risk Taking)

Chinese Stealth Fighters enter service (TOI)

DCF : Deliberate Certainty Fabricating Model (ValueWalk)

NASA Finds India’s Long Lost Lunar Probe ‘Chandrayaan-1’ (ValueWalk)

Modi win could push NIFTY to an all-time high (ET)